Video: Lil Duval Almost Has His Head ‘Bitten Off’ by Tiger

In the video that the stand-up comedian shares on Instagram, he is seen snuggling up to the tiger before the animal growls and puts its face closer to him all of sudden.

AceShowbizLil Duval got a scare when he was vacationing at Myrtle Beach Safari in Socastee, South Carolina just recently. The stand-up comedian and rapper got an opportunity to swim with tigers at the wildlife conservation, but things got a little bit scary midway.

Taking to Instagram to share footage from his experience there, Duval included a clip of him snuggling close to a tiger as both of them dipped in the water. However, at one point, the tiger seemingly was trying to nuzzle against the “Pull Up” rapper and growled all of sudden so Duval was understandably shocked by the move. “I thought he bit my head off for second,” he wrote in the caption of the clip.

Duval wasn’t the only one who was scared by the tiger’s sudden movement as his followers could feel it too just by watching the clip. “Bru I was so gawddamn nervous watching this video!” one said as another wrote, “Mannnn listen if I’m standing next to a tiger I’m not even speaking, and if anyone around me speaks they better whisper. I’m just assuming tigers will eat you faster if you’re loud.” There was one who said, “I was scared for you for a second mane.”

Despite the scare, it didn’t stop Duval from getting close to the tiger. In another photo, he was seen being kicked in the head by the tiger while swimming. “Tiger kicked me dead in my muthaf***in forehead but it was worth it cuz I know ain’t nobody else gon do stupid s**t like this,” he captioned the picture.

Duval also posted a photo of him recreating Beyonce Knowles‘ shoot for “The Lion King” movie poster. “Beyonce yo pic cool but my pic better. And real,” he wrote underneath the photo, which saw him facing the tiger, which had its mouth wide open.

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