Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Destroyed Again, Vandal Surrenders

While President Trump‘s got his eye on Joe Biden, perhaps his 2nd biggest nemesis is giving him a beating — destroying his Hollywood Walk of Fame Star … for the umpteenth time.

James Otis, who’d already attacked Trump’s WoF star multiple times since 2016, returned to the scene of his crimes AGAIN early Friday morning. Otis dressed to the nines for the occasion, took out a pickaxe and, as usual, went to town on Trump’s plaque.

Check out the video … the star apparently was covered with plywood and had fencing around it — expecting the worst, clearly — but none of that deterred Otis, who cleared the fence and the boarding before finally hitting pay dirt. We’re told Otis turned himself in to cops and is being booked for felony vandalism.

The destruction comes 4 weeks after Otis dressed up as the Incredible Hulk to obliterate DT’s commemorative sidewalk piece.

It didn’t take long before crews started working to restore the star. At the time, we wondered how long it would last before another vandal struck. Well, it was the SAME vandal and it was 28 days later.

Otis was arrested and charged with felony vandalism last time around too. The first time he was arrested, back in February 2017, he pled no contest and was sentenced to 3 years probation, community service and ordered to cough up $4,400.

We’ll see what he gets this time around.

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