This Morning’s Alison Hammond has PTSD after being called ‘elephant’ by school bullies

Alison Hammond has spoken out about suffering from PSTD after being bullied at school.

Cruelly called ‘elephant’ and tormented as a student, the 46-year-old remains affected by the word decades on, she has revealed.

“It may sound crazy but whenever I hear the word ‘elephant’, it takes me back to being at school and the nasty comments the boys used to make about me,” she said speaking to The Mirror.

“When I hear someone say ‘elephant’, I instantly think they must be talking about me. Anything to do with elephants sets it off.”

The TV presenter recalls an example of this in her new book, You’ve Got to Laugh, whilst attending an awards show where Brian May mentioned that there was an “elephant in the room”- leaving her thinking he was referencing her.

This came after an awkward incident where the rocker told off both Alison and fellow attendee and Big Brother star, Kate Lawler, after the pair were talking to each other loudly.

“We didn’t notice a band coming onstage to perform – we were too busy gossiping,” Alison says in her book.

“Suddenly, Brian May said, ‘We’re trying to listen and I can’t hear a word of the singing. Could you keep your noise down?’

“We stopped talking. But you know when you’ve been told off and you’re a bit giggly? ‘Oh, my gosh, we just got told off by Brian May from Queen!’

“Things got worse when the band left the stage. Brian May got up to make a speech and started off by saying, ‘Now, there’s an elephant in the room, isn’t there?’”

Alison went on to describe how hearing the rocker utter the word had her spiralling.

“I had a full-on panic he was going to start embarrassing me in front of everybody,” she said, before recalling the Queen band member reassuring her that he didn’t mean her at all.

“‘Of course I wasn’t talking about you!’ he said. ‘I just really wanted to hear the singers and you were too loud’."

Alison has been open about how struggling with bullies at school affected her mental health and has had long-term impact on her self-esteem.

“I’m not sure what lesson I took away from that day, but I’m sure I’m not the only person who lives with PTSD dating back to their schooldays.”

This reveal comes with many others in the This Morning host’s new book, which discusses how her loves, losses and life experience has made her the beaming and successful woman seen on screens today.

You’ve Got to Laugh is now available to purchase at national bookstores now.

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