Theres a lot of abuse in my childhood Halle Berry reflects on relationship with father

Halle Berry walks along the beach in tiny black bikini

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Halle Berry, 55, has been promoting her directorial debut, Bruised, recently, discussing the abusive relationships it depicts. To link with her character, the actress has discussed her own turbulent and abusive childhood and how she healed from it.

There’s lots of abuse in my childhood.

Halle Berry

Halle has an impressive acting career under her belt, having won a Primetime Emmy Award and a Golden Globe.

However, Halle is not shy to talk about her harder start in life, living with an abusive father.

The actress recently opened up on NPR’s Fresh Air podcast about her relationship with her father Jerome Jesse Berry, who passed away in 2003.

She explained: “There’s lots of abuse in my childhood.

“I grew up with an alcoholic father that was very abusive, both verbally, emotionally, physically.”

Halle has previously spoken about their troubled relationship, referring to his alcoholism as an “addiction that robbed us of the relationship we were meant to have” in a candid Father’s Day post.

Talking about forgiving her father, she said: “When he died, I was given a gift of talking to a spiritual healer and someone that took me through some spiritual exercises to sort of heal my wound with my dad.”

She found it easier to forgive him after therapy because she realised his behaviours were because of the fact he didn’t receive “love and guidance” himself as a child.

Halle continued: “He wasn’t born into the world an abusive, alcoholic man who was out of control.

“He became that by what he was and was not given; what he was exposed to and by what he wasn’t exposed to.

“When I keep tracing it back, you realise that this was just generational trauma.

“That my father was just trying to survive. He was trying to find himself, find his manhood.”

After discovering a different side to her father, Halle is now able to look at him with “empathy” and be “full of love” for him as he was only using alcohol to numb his own trauma.

The award-winning actress also had kind words to say about her new partner Van Hunt this week when she received the Career Achievement Award at the Fourth Annual Celebration of Black Cinema & Television event on Tuesday.

Speaking about him in her acceptance speech, she gushed: “You know I finally found love this year everybody.

“Even though you all have been on this painful journey with me. You watched me fail and fail and fail.

“And besides directing my first movie, I also found the love of my life and I know it’s true and this is how I know it’s true.

“Because you fail so many you know what wrong looks like. Because I failed so many times I now know what [love] really looks like and so my partner is here tonight, Van, and you have supported me.”

Halle has two children, one being Nahla who was born in 2008 when she was with Gabriel Aubry.

After calling it quits with Gabriel in 2008, Halle tied the knot with Olivier Martinez in July 2013 with the couple welcoming Maceo months later.

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