The pap chase was the closest Prince Harry ever felt to understanding Dianas death

Last year was the 25th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death. Like all of the “big anniversaries,” the British and American media did a number of articles, interviews and TV specials about Diana, her life, her work, and the questions people still have about her death. One of the most curious interviews I read last summer was with Lord Stevens, who headed up the British investigation into Diana’s death. Lord Stevens is no Poirot, let’s just say that – like so many figures in the British establishment, he seemed utterly committed to obfuscating and ignoring inconvenient facts in evidence, like Diana telling two separate people (one of them her lawyer) that she was going to be killed in a car accident… just months before she was killed in a car accident. There was also that interview with one of Mohammed al-Fayed’s bodyguards, Lee Sansum, who was guarding Diana for much of her last summer. Sansum said that Diana was being watched by intelligence officers that whole summer, and that she spoke often of a plot to assassinate her.

While Prince Harry’s Spare made it clear that it took him decades to even begin to process his mother’s life and death, it’s also clear that as an adult, he’s studied parts of Diana’s death in detail. He went through the Pont de L’Alma tunnel repeatedly, he studied the photos, he likely thought about what her final moments were like. So, the paparazzi chase in New York on Tuesday night happened, and apparently Harry is thinking a lot about Diana at the moment.

The duke told friends that it was the “closest I have ever felt” to understanding what happened on the night in 1997 when his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, died.

Harry and Meghan’s car chase with the paparazzi is the “closest” the duke has felt to understanding what happened to his mother on the night she died.

A source has confirmed to Yahoo News the incident in New York on Tuesday night left him with a better feeling of what Prince Diana went through prior to her death in the Pont de l’Alma tunnel in Paris in August 1997.

[From The Times & Yahoo]

I bet it was the closest he’s ever felt. The difference is that Harry was surrounded by top-notch security, he had his iPhone out and he was recording, and he was able to eventually get to safety. I keep getting this nagging feeling that people – specifically British establishment people – are actually really mad at the way things went down on Tuesday. It’s almost as if they’re mad that something didn’t go to plan. I absolutely believe that Harry was thinking about Diana as he sat beside Meghan in that SUV. And I believe his radar was up, because something wasn’t right about what was happening. That same radar which made him want to reopen the investigation into Diana’s death.

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