The Cambridge kids are bugging their parents about putting up the Christmas tree

The Windsors’ Royal Christmas is still up in the air. No one knows what the plans will be, only that they’re likely to be very different this year. Ordinarily, the Windsors gather at Sandringham for several days of strictly scheduled holiday events, many of which involve booze, guns and no kids allowed. It’s believed that if the Queen tries to go to Sandringham this year, her staff will revolt, because of the bubble around her and the fact that staff would not be able to see their families for Christmas. It’s possible that “royal Christmas” might happen at Windsor this year, but who knows. Anyway, my guess is that Prince William and Kate will spend the holiday season at Anmer Hall no matter what. Apparently, the kids are already bugging them to put up the tree.

Royal kids: They’re just like Us. Prince William and Duchess Kate’s three children “can’t wait for Christmas,” a source reveals exclusively to Us Weekly.

“It’s their favorite time of the year,” the insider tells Us of Prince George, 7, Princess Charlotte, 5, and Prince Louis, 2. “In fact, they’ve already written their list for Santa and are nagging William and Kate to put up the Christmas tree.”

The source adds that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s kids are all “well-behaved,” but their oldest son is already acting like a future king.

“George is well-behaved. All the kids are, but Charlotte and Louis both have a cheeky streak. Louis is more like Charlotte in personality than George!” the source tells Us before revealing more insight into their personalities. “George is obsessed with helicopters, planes and marine biology. He can’t wait to be old enough to go diving. Charlotte loves gymnastics but has recently taken up kids’ yoga. Lots of the other kids at school do it and she’s teaching Louis down dog and tree pose!”

[From Us Weekly]

I felt ready to put up a Christmas Tree in October, but I haven’t done it yet. To be honest, since I live alone with two cats, a tree is usually more hassle than it’s worth, but we are celebrating this year because we survived the pandemic AND the Trump era. Also, I don’t believe most of the personality traits already being ascribed to the kids – from what we’ve seen of them in recent videos, Charlotte is interested in science and spiders and fossils. I also think Charlotte and Louis have already been told (in so many ways) that they’re not “as important” as George, and that affects the sibling-dynamic a lot too. But yeah, most kids love Christmas. It’s a very Katie Nicholl-esque update: “The Cambridge children likely love Christmas, especially Christmas candy. They reportedly love presents and my sources confirm that they especially love the time off from school.”

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