Ted Cruz Says Neighbors Who Leaked Wife's Cancun Texts Are 'A**holes' – Really, Dude?!

Ted Cruz definitely has no shame, that’s for sure!

As you’ll no doubt recall, the Texas senator was caught red-handed leaving the country for a resort vacation in Cancun, Mexico last week right as his constituents were suffering — and literally dying — from an unbelievable cold front that settled on the Lone Star Sate.

And now, he’s… blaming some of his neighbors who sent his wife Heidi‘s scandalous trip-related text messages to the media?? Dude, really?! You got caught making a terrible decision and you can’t even own up to it?! Come to think of it… this is pretty typical for the Republican Party, isn’t it??

Cruz made his stand on this one as part of an interview with the Ruthless podcast this week. During the 30-minute show, which was first published to the internet on Tuesday morning, Cruz had some, ummm, advice for his neighbors:

“Here’s a suggestion. Just don’t be a**holes. Just treat each other as human beings. Have some modicum of respect.”

Irony alert!!!

Again, this coming from the man who abandoned his state during a deadly cold snap to go to a resort in Mexico. And on a podcast that was so named Ruthless because it shows a picture of the United States Supreme Court in its logo and was launched shortly after Ruth Bader Ginsburg died. Seriously. And these people want to be the a**hole police?! Yeah, no thanks. We’ll pass!!

Cruz also addressed the media attention on his dog, Snowflake, who was left behind in the freezing cold house while the family vacationed:

“I spend too much time on Twitter, so apparently, I literally fed Snowflake to the wolves. Of all the ridiculous stories. I love Snowflake. He was home with the dog sitter and actually the heat and power was back on, so this reporter went to our house (and took a picture of) Snowflake looking out the front door, which he does most days, so whoever walks by the sidewalk or if a dog comes by, Snowflake will bark. The whole thing is just a little bit absurd.”

And he also added that the on-location beach-side pics of his wife were “creepy” as well:

“ ran all these pictures of Heidi in her bikini and I will tell you that she is pissed about that. Heidi is smoking hot so I look at the pictures and say, ‘Man, you look great.’ But you know, I don’t think there are many women that would be thrilled to have reporters following them around taking pictures of them in their bikinis … but that’s what goes by journalism these days.”

Uhhh… sure, Ted.

This was totally about some bikini pics and not at all your betrayal and abandonment of your very own constituents in a time of crisis. You keep telling yourself that!

Maybe one day you’ll even figure out who the real a**hole is! LOLz!!!

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