Tammy Rivera Speaks Out After Peter Thomas Was Found Not Guilty for Choking Her Niece

In an Instagram video, the wife of Waka Flocka Flame insists that the ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ alum did choke her niece as she reveals that Peter even tried to apologize to her.

AceShowbizTammy Rivera has broken her silence after Peter Thomas was found not guilty of physically assaulting her niece, Chanel Williams, while at his Bar One restaurant in Baltimore. In an Instagram video, the “Waka & Tammy” star shared that she initially kept silent out of privacy for her niece.

“A lot of people asking me and DM me about the situation with my niece. I didn’t spoke about anything out of privacy for her that I respect. But anybody who knows me know I don’t play when it comes to my family,” Tammy said. “Peter knows that as well.”

The wife of Waka Flocka Flame continued, “The moral of the story is, my niece didn’t want me to help her. She didn’t want me involved. She didn’t want me to help her with the lawyer, the case, anything.”

Despite his denial, Tammy insisted, “He put his hand on her, he choked her.” She then recalled when her niece informed her about the incident, “She called me outside the restaurant, crying hysterically. My niece is not loud, she’s not ghetto, she’d not be in no mess, that’s not her world.”

Tammy additionally claimed that Peter tried to apologize after assaulting her niece. “He called around and he tried to apologize and get in contact with her. You did it. Apologize, and move on,” she said.

The video came after Peter was found not guilty in the second-degree assault case. During the hearing on Wednesday, March 1, Peter denied being intoxicated and claimed that Chanel was “hysterical.” He claimed he didn’t choke her and only “eased her off” of him, causing her to fall back into a chair.

“We’re very happy with the verdict,” Peter’s attorney, Warren Brown, said at the Elijah E. Cummings Courthouse. “This man is 62, has led a stellar life, built a successful business. And I think the jury rendered the right verdict.”

The former “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star also celebrated the verdict by sharing a video of him holding his head high as he walked out of a courthouse. “Keep on coming for me, but I tell them that I’m protected,” he said. “They trying to come for me all kinds of ways but I’m protected, alright?”

Prior to this, it was said that the 62-year-old drunkenly grabbed Chanel by the throat and proceeded to choke her when she was dining at his restaurant with her friends. It allegedly started after she noticed that Peter was in a bad mood and subsequently shared her observations with her friends.

Peter reportedly overheard the remarks and quickly confronted the victim. The woman claimed that the former Bravo personality aggressively grabbed her throat and squeezed it for approximately 30 seconds before staff members intervened him.

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