Stephen Curry Comes to Ayesha’s Defense Following ‘Milly Rock’ Dance Backlash

Many people are not impressed by the restaurateur’s dance moves in the viral clip, expressing their feelings with various pictures of people looking disgusted.

AceShowbizAyesha Curry just can’t seem to catch a break. It’s not even been three months since the restaurateur faced backlash for opening up about her concern over lack of male’s attention, and she has now been under fire again after a clip of her playfully performing the “Milly Rock” dance went viral.

In the clip, which was taken at the opening of her fourth restaurant, Ayesha was clearly enjoying herself when she busted a move to her heart’s content. She even added a bit of her own swag to it, laughing at the end of the video. However, not many people were impressed by her skills and felt the need to let their feelings known.

Some pointed out that her husband Stephen Curry (II) was uncomfortable when watching her dance, as one said, “When do we get stop watching this lady? Curry look like he’s at church and ready to leave?” There was also one who urged Ayesha to stop “looking for attention on social media and acceptance from the public.” Meanwhile, a lot of people reacted to the video with various pictures of people looking disgusted.

“That was absolute trash,” another noted, while someone said s/he was feeling sorry for the basketball player, “I apologise for the s**t about Steph, this man gotta deal with this on a daily basis.” An individual commented, “She need to get dropped off into some culture cuz boy oh boy her lineage of white is showing.”

But Stephen clearly didn’t need anyone to be sorry for him because he didn’t mind what his wife did at all. In fact, he even came to her defense through an Instagram Stories video that he posted on Wednesday, July 17. “Slow news day today I see,” he said. “Just make sure you send me video of you dancing at your own restaurant opening. Cause we going to keep Milly Rocking until it happens.”

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