Steph McGovern left haunted by morning sickness mishap: ‘I can’t look at a Co-op store!’

Steph McGovern discusses how she decided to have a baby

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Steph McGovern, 38, revealed the one thing about her pregnancy that still haunts her to this day. The Channel 4 star and her TV executive partner welcomed their baby daughter back in November 2019 but two years on, she’s still unable to walk into a Co-op shop, or even look at one for that matter.

The morning sickness; that was horrendous

Steph McGovern

Talking to Giovanna Fletcher on her Happy Mum, Happy Baby podcast, the broadcaster revealed she was always going to be the one out of her and her partner who carried their baby.

“It was always going to be me,” she said.

“But that was the bit I actually didn’t want to do! I thought, ‘I’m not fussed about being pregnant.'”

But of course once she was, there were many highlights to that part of their journey and as always, there were some lows, too.

“The morning sickness; that was horrendous,” she winced, recalling her battle to keep her food down.

“I still cant look at the Co-op logo, because I once threw up in the vegetable isle.

“It’s really awkward because a new Co-op has just opened on our street and I have to cross over [the road]!”

Giovanna was stunned but Steph explained that wasn’t the only place that the dreaded morning sickness took her by surprise.

“I remember the height of my morning sickness – I don’t know why we call it morning sickness because it was all day every day,” she laughed.

“But I was on the telly every morning and at 6 o’clock in the morning – I couldn’t tell anyone I was pregnant because we’re not meant to, we jinx it apparently – I was throwing up!”

She revealed she could only stomach a little bit of food that fateful day.

“The only thing I could get into my body that morning was watermelon,” Steph recalled.

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“And I literally projectile vomited watermelon across the studio moments before we were about to do the 6am news headlines.

The presenter winced as she looked back at the embarrassing ordeal: “I could see my co-hosts looking at me wondering if I was hungover!” she moaned, before admitting she was trying to whisper that that wasn’t the reason at all.

“I was aware I was wearing a mic connecting me to the gallery but I just thought, ‘I cant! They all think I’m hungover or I’ve got a bug,’ and if they think you’ve got a bug everyone avoids you and tells you to go home,” she explained.

“So, I ended up just saying, but then I felt guilty.”

“I thought, ‘Thats it, I’m going to miscarry,’ and it’s so ridiculous, you put yourself under so much pressure!”

But despite breaking the news of the pregnancy early, all was well.

Steph’s Packed Lunch continued weekdays on Channel 4 from 12.30pm.

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