Stacey Solomon ‘can’t even think about’ having sex with fiancé Joe Swash after childbirth

Stacey Solomon and Mrs Hinch enjoy day with baby Rose

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Stacey Solomon, 32, has explained the difficulties of being postpartum when she was asked by a fan if she is currently feeling “broody”, after welcoming her daughter Rose Opal Solomon last week. The Loose Women panellist went into graphic detail on her Instagram Story about how her womanhood is currently feeling “broken” from childbirth and she has no desire to “procreate’ with fiancé Joe Swash at the moment.

Stacey shared a photo of her lying down with baby Rose on her bed and posted a question on her Instagram Story sent in by a follower that read: “Be careful, she’s so cute it must make you so broody. Will you have more?

“They say you are more fertile after you have had a baby.”

In response, Stacey said: “I take my hat off to anyone who can even think about procreating 11 days after giving birth.

“My noon is 100% broken….and I mean I could be wrong but I don’t think anyone in the history of getting pregnant ever got pregnant while still needing adult nappies to catch the afterbirth.”(sic).

Stacey was left in tears on Sunday, as she took her week-old baby daughter to the doctors following a “traumatic” experience after the birth of her youngest son Rex.

The Loose Women panellist revealed it was a big day for Rose as the little one got weighed for the first time.

She was emotional as she admitted to being “really nervous” after previously suffering a “traumatic” experience with her and Joe’s son Rex.

Stacey told fans when he was born he had been 14 per cent down on his weighing day.

Stacey wrote on her Instagram story alongside a photo of her daughter: “It was weighing day today. I got really nervous.

“Rex’s weight day he was down 14 per cent and it was all a bit traumatic so I worked myself up a bit today…but she’s okay and well within the lines,” Stacey added alongside a crying face emoji.

“So now my shoulders are finally down and I’m in bed, Rex is asleep next to me and I’m watching the sunset whilst watching her wake up and get ready for her nighttime feeding party.

“But I’m ready with 10 pints of water and a giant Dairy Milk Daim bar.”


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The Loose Women panellist explained on Instagram how she has been seeking help from breastfeeding experts, after previously admitting to having difficulties feeding Rex when he was born.

The situation made Stacey emotional two years ago and she has said she is experiencing a similar issue this time around as well.

Sharing a sweet photo of Rex smiling as he held some flowers for his mum and sister, while the newborn baby is seen wrapped in a blanket in the foreground, Stacey opened up to her followers in a candid post last week.

The TV personality wrote: “I’m struggling again with feeding this time around so spending all of my energy trying to feed, eat and rest.

“Also seeing local breastfeeding specialists and the community midwives who have been incredible so hoping for a more positive journey, in the end, this time but not putting pressure on myself.

“Even though it makes me a bit sad, whatever will be will be.”

The former X Factor star also paid tribute to her fans for helping through these tough moments.

She wrote: “Your messages are just everything, especially on these days when the milk is coming in and the oxytocin is on its way out.

“I just wanted to say, I know these days can be the hard ones. Keep going. You’re doing amazing mummy.”

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