Simon Rimmer fires back at brutal Sunday Brunch outfit comments with scantily-clad video

Simon Rimmer thanks fans for comments on his jumper

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Simon Rimmer was the talk of Sunday Brunch, with what he has since branded “#jumpergate”. Twitter was inundated with comments about the celebrity chef’s latest television get-up.

What the heck is Simon Rimmer wearing?

The Channel 4 show’s first episode of 2022 saw the 58-year-old sport an over-sized black jumper.

The dark, long-sleeved top featured a rollneck and billowing sleeves, which left some concerned.

After being compared to a character from The Addams Family and sparking worries over safety, the presenter spoke out online.

Thankfully Simon took it all in good humour, sharing a scantily-clad video with his 160,000 followers.

Still sporting the same knitwear, the father-of-two made light of the criticism.

He commented: “Well thanks for all your… erm… lovely comments about my rather spectacular jumper.”

Simon continued: “Course the joy of a big jumper is it hides all those Christmas pounds.

“And all the bits you don’t want anybody to see.”

Signing off with a smile, he said: “Happy new year! See you next week.”

But it was that point Simon was seen walking away from the camera, revealing he was now trouser-less.

His bare legs were impossible to miss as he shot the clip at home.

“Been a fun day @sundaybrunchc4 #jumpergate,” he added in the caption to his upload.

Fan racheldc74 quipped in the comments: “That’s an improvement to how it looked on the show.”

It came after the micro-blogging website was awash with opinions on his ensemble during the live broadcast.

@Colin.meek tweeted: “I thought Uncle Fester was doing the cooking when I switched on this morning.”

@MrMeerkatt agreed: “Simon that jumper thing you have on is very Uncle Fester! Not a good look, sorry.”

Meanwhile, others suggested he had bought the wrong size, while worrying it was not practical for Sunday Brunch’s cooking segments.

@SgtBillcoJD stated: “I’m no fashion expert, far from it. However, what the heck is Simon Rimmer wearing?

“Looks like you went too big on the size chart with that jumper.”

@CustardLeeder posted: “I’m really struggling with @simonrim hanging jumper sleeves on @SundayBrunchC4. Sorry Simon, it’s not you, it’s me #sundaybrunch.”

@upthemanor1 went on: “@SundayBrunchC4 @timlovejoy where did Simon get his jumper? Go Outdoors? Looks like a 4 man tent #SundayBrunch.”

While @MrGeorgeThorpe added: “Getting a bit worried about Simon’s baggy jumper hanging over the hobs. Could be him getting cooked #SundayBrunch.”

Simon has hosted the Channel 4 favourite since 2012 with pal and co-star Tim Lovejoy.

Sunday Brunch returns a week today at 9.30am on Channel 4.

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