Sarah Michelle Gellar BLASTS Howard Stern 20 Years Later For Saying Her Marriage Wouldn't Last!

Aren’t Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. so cute?!

In a town where couples struggle to even get to the wood anniversary (that’s 5 years btw), the I Know What You Did Last Summer co-stars have been going strong for 22 years! In fact, they just celebrated their 20th year of being married! Can you believe it??

See SMG’s sweet celebratory Instagram post from Thursday, complete with black & white wedding pic (below)!

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But it wasn’t all happiness and love. The Buffy star proved she can keep a grudge going just as long, too! On her Stories, she posted some screen grabs of the time Freddie was on Howard Stern back in 2001 — and the shock jock tried to convince him NOT to marry her! For real!

Howard asked the actor, who was there to plug Summer Catch:

“So you will marry Sarah Michelle Gellar even though you know that it won’t last?”

To which Freddie rebuffed:

“Absolutely it’ll last!”

Howard then spent the next couple minutes trying to convince him he was too young and hot to give up all those opportunities. Freddie would not budge, leading Howard to make him a bet… something we’d think he’d have learned not to do anymore after She’s All That. He offered:

“I want to make a written bet with you. In about 10 years you’re gonna hunt me down and go ‘Howard, I owe you money.’”

See the full moment (below)!

Clearly this REALLY set off Sarah. Because she logged it in her memory and posted the screenshots all these years later, captioning:

“@SternShow I think you owe us. What do you think?!?”

Ha! If only they’d written that down! Freddie himself was amused by the whole thing, reposting his loving wife’s jab, adding:

“She will never forget

Well, we look forward to seeing these sweethearts celebrating their 50th in three more decades! And laughing when SMG posts a hologram of Howard demanding an apology! LOLz!

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