Richard Hammond’s wife’s fears as he gives update on injury after Switzerland crash

The Grand Tour: Amazon Prime Video teases new series

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The Grand Tour star Richard Hammond, 51, has had his fair share of injuries during his broadcasting career, most recently his crash in Switzerland which left him needing a metal plate in his knee. Back in 2006, he also suffered a serious brain injury following a high-speed car accident.

The car enthusiast is best known for trying out new vehicles and stunts with his long-term co-stars Jeremy Clarkson and James May on The Grand Tour and previously, Top Gear.

While he has suggested his wife lets him get on with filming for the show, his co-star James claimed Mindy is very fearful of what his job entails.

On whether his partner worried about him, James quipped: “Hammond’s does definitely, he keeps trying to top himself.

“My Mrs doesn’t care, she never says, ‘Stop doing stupid things’ she just sort of says, ‘Bye’.

“I haven’t done that many dangerous things, some of the things I’ve done are a bit daft and hazardous, but it’s not a disposable bomb or anything like that.

“I feel a bit more fragile than I did, I don’t get out of the way of things quickly enough.”

Richard said he feels “incredibly lucky” to still be in such a job 33 years into his broadcasting career.

“I continue to be lucky, I continue to be given the opportunity to be doing amazing things,” he said.

On whether he ever considers the risks he takes, he added: “Yes, but I kind of imagine I’m not taking risks when things go wrong.

“I didn’t think that the last crash I had in Switzerland was a risk really.

“There’s an element of risk to everything.”

In 2017, Richard was airlifted to hospital after crashing his Rimac Concept One as part of the Hemburg Hill Climb.

The broadcaster was told he had lost 7mm of height in his knee and had a metal plate fitted.

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Reflecting on the incident, he said after analysing his actions, he believed he had “too much speed over the finish line”.

But, Richard insisted he had learnt from his error, adding: “It’s OK because I nearly paid the price and I still did because I’ve got a metal knee that will need replacing one way, so I do pay the price.”

The incident hasn’t put him off trying new things however.

In the latest episodes of The Grand Tour, the father-of-two fell into the sea and struggled to swim after he forgot to inflate his life jacket.

“There wasn’t time to go through my mind, my mind isn’t the quickest device at the best of times,” he laughed.

On how he ended up in the water, he added: “Essentially I was pulling a big platform with Jeremy on it on a little tiny fishing boat and I tied the rope to one side and, long story short, I gave it a little bit of a throttle and it started to rock.

“Jeremy was like, ‘Pull it harder’ and I gave it all the throttle and it flipped and sank.”

The Grand Tour’s Scotland special will be available on Amazon Prime on July 30.

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