Rep. Matt Gaetz Gets DRAGGED For 'Inappropriate And Creepy' Tweet To Tiffany Trump

Nearly every day of the past four years living under Donald Trump’s presidency has raised the question: what strange and disturbing piece of information are we going to have to lay eyes on today?

We hoped things would calm down with Joe Biden officially elected as the next president, but instead, things have only gotten more surreal. First there was the press conference at the Four Seasons Total Landscaping. Then there was the strange case of the between the Pennsylvania Republican posing as a gay Black Trump supporter — and getting help from Patti LaBelle’s son of all people.

Today? Today it’s Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz apparently hitting on Tiffany Trump. Because why not, right?

The bizarre encounter began when the President’s daughter posted a photo of herself to Twitter, and the Congressman (whom you may know from wearing a gas mask on the House floor to mock COVID safety regulations before getting the virus himself) retweeted the pic with some… um… flattering emojis. See for yourself:

Eww, the heart eyes, why??

We have no idea if Gaetz actually has romantic feelings toward the 27-year-old, but his intense love for the President is well-documented; the Florida rep is the staunchest of Trump allies, despite the fact that the former television personality repeatedly called him the wrong name to his face in front of a stadium of people at a recent rally.

Yeah, Gaetz may be so in love with Donald, it just filters down to the kids. He previously told GQ of the president:

“He knows who I am, and he doesn’t want to screw me.”

Unfortunately we’re not sure Tiffany can say the same about Gaetz! Ew!

Yeah, we’re sensing a definite ick factor here, and we’re not the only ones. Here are some responses to the seemingly flirty exchange between the 38-year-old congressman and the First Daughter:

“Matt this is inappropriate and creepy”

“Trashy tool Matt Gaetz pretending to hit on Tiffany trump is major level creepy AF.”

“I still can’t get over that you’re an elected public official. You are off-the-charts gross…”

“Yeah, I’m a member of Congress hitting on the President’s daughter with emojis from my Congressional account”

Unsurprisingly, plenty of people had some fun at the pair’s expense, as well. For example:

“As if our country isn’t traumatized enough, now we need to imagine Matt Gaetz and Tiffany Trump together?”

“Matt Gaetz is hitting on Tiffany, because Donald doesn’t know who either of them are.”

“I just want someone who will look at me the way Matt Gaetz looks at Tiffany Trump”

“Matt Gaetz creeping on Tiffany Trump is peak ‘i would not need to know these people exist, let alone shudder over their behavior, in a universe supervised by a benevolent God with even modest management skills.’”

For the record, Tiff responded favorably to Gaetz’s tweet with her own string of emojis: “.” (Obviously she wouldn’t be the first woman to brush off a creep with a pleasant smile, but we won’t put words in her mouth…)

Gaetz, meanwhile, responded to the Internet’s disdain with a picture of the pair together, writing:

“BREAKING: ⁦@TiffanyATrump⁩ and I are friends!”

If that’s true, Matt, feel free to text her those fire emojis directly so we don’t all have to be subjected to your version of “friendliness” on our feeds. We can’t WAIT until the Trump kids are no longer relevant enough to weird us out!

Ch-ch-check out some more reactions (below):

What do YOU think of Gaetz’ tweet?? Inappropriate conduct? Friendly banter? Indicative of the shrinking size and increasing incestuousness of the cult who are still unaccountably running this country?? Let us know in the comments (below)!

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