Queens death kickstarted healing process for William and Harry, says expert

Since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's decision to step down as senior royals and relocate to the US in 2020, they have been largely estranged from the Prince and Princess of Wales, William and Kate.

And the numerous bombshell accusations they have levelled at the Royal Family since – including a TV interview with Oprah Winfrey and a magazine piece with The Cut have certainly not helped matters.

But amidst all of the grief and sorrow of losing the Queen, there seemed to be one positive to draw upon. On Saturday 10 September William and Harry were briefly reunited, alongside their wives, as the quartet met will well-wishers at Windsor Castle.

And, according to royal expert Jennie Bond, a reconciliation between the once inseparable brothers would be the "one positive legacy" to draw from her Her Majesty's death.

Jennie exclusively tells OK! "I think its a long rocky path ahead, but they have been thrown together in this period of grief. They are united in grieving and honouring their grandmother and perhaps this will be an opportunity for them to get over their differences and begin the healing process."

During their infamous interview with Oprah, Meghan, 41 and Harry, 38, said that an unidentified member of the royal family questioned what colour skin their children would have.

They also claimed that Meghan's cries for help were ignored by The Firm. In addition, they said they had been cut off financially by Harry's family since their decision to quit life as working royals.

Furthermore, Meghan recently launched a Spotify podcast series called Archetypes and during the first three episodes – subsequent episodes have been postponed as a mark of respect – she made another series of claims about life in The Firm.

Meghan said that she had been expected to carry on with royal tour duties after a fire broke out in her son Archie's bedroom while she and Harry were on tour in South Africa, she also said that since she and Harry started dating she had been made to feel like ambition was a "negative" quality.

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But it appears that the pair were prepared to put their differences aside to honour their late Granny's memory in in touching show of unity last week with William and Harry even appearing to exchange pleasantries at one point.

However, Jennie doesn't think the reunion will all be smooth sailing because of plans that are already in place for Prince Harry to publish a tell all memoir later this year.

She says: "Harry's memoir does kind of hang like a sword of Damocles and until that comes out and we know what has been said, nothing can be normal.

Presumably it can't be unsaid now either, presumably [the book is] at the publishers and it can't be altered, even if he wanted to [alter it]. The air will not be cleared in any way until the book comes out."

The former BBC royal correspondent also thinks that there is certain level of "mistrust" surrounding former Suits actress Meghan, 41.

In a recent tell-all interview with US publication The Cut, Meghan, who shares three year old Archie and one year old Lillibet with Harry, claimed that she could "say anything" [about the Royal Family] now that she's no longer a working royal. Jennie says this will make people "suspicious" of her intentions.

However, Jennie does believe that William, 40, and Harry have made positive steps towards repairing their fraught relations and that can only be a good thing.

"It's not all going to be plain sailing from now on, but surely that healing process has started," she says.


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