Prince Harry Wore This *Most* Aggressively Orange Outfit for a Good Cause

There are people who support good causes and then there are people who *support* good causes. You can go ahead and file Prince Harry into the second category and if you would like to verify his credentials, just take a look at the aggressively orange outfit he wore in the name of getting the word out about the Invictus Games.

A little background: This weekend, the charity’s Twitter account shared a new video of Harry having a virtual hang sesh with member of The Netherlands team (specifically, Jelle van der Steen, Wouter Bakker, Fenna Geugjes, and Alina Zoet) ahead of the fifth annual Invictus Games, which are being held in The Hague, Netherlands next month.

At the beginning of the call, Harry asks the athletes to help him practice his Dutch for the occasion, asking them to help perfect his pronunciation of the phrase, “Good afternoon. You’ve done a great job,” in Dutch. Spoiler alert: He apparently pronounced it correctly right away (because, clearly, Harry didn’t *just* start prepping for his own charity’s event). Since he nailed his “Good afternoon. You’ve done a great job” line so quickly, Harry asked the assembled athletes what other Dutch words he absolutely needed to know before he got to The Hague and the answers were “stroopwafel” (which is the name of a Dutch caramel cookie) and “Scheveningen,” (which is a seaside area).

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