President Biden Restarts Tradition, Hosts Kennedy Center Honorees

President Biden resumed what had been paused for a good while in D.C. — namely, POTUS being in attendance for the Kennedy Center Honors … and hosting them afterward.

JB held a reception Sunday at the White House, with this year’s recipients of the lifetime achievement award being in attendance, front and center. Among those who were honored — Lorne Michaels, Bette Midler, Berry Gordy, Justino Diaz and Joni Mitchell.

There were a lot of other high profile people on hand as well — including First Lady Jill Biden, VP Kamala Harris, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Steve Martin, David Letterman and others.

Biden — who was suited and booted in a tux, delivered some remarks — highlighting each person’s contribution via their art — going down the list one by one and singing their praises. He also shouted the late Steven Sondheim, who recently passed away.

Each honoree showed off their rainbow-colored ribbons that were placed around their necks, and they each stood when called upon. The whole reception lasted a little less than half an hour — but even so, it meant a lot to folks who hadn’t seen this since 2016.

President Trump snubbed the ceremony for the first three years in office — and never hosted any of the recipients after threats of a boycott came down in 2017, his first year in office

Seems everyone was happy to get this going again in the presence of our Commander in Chief.

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