Poet Saidu Tejan-Thomas Jr. Explores the Summer of Protest in New Podcast Trailer

Writer, poet and producer Saidu Tejan-Thomas Jr. will delve into the 2020 protests against police brutality and racial inequality on a new podcast from Spotify and Gimlet, Resistance, premiering October 14th.

The trailer for the series opens with Tejan-Thomas Jr. offering an honest account of his relationship with this summer’s uprising following the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery. “I’m kind of ashamed to say I was on my couch, playing video games,” he says. “I convinced myself that I was staying home because I didn’t want to catch coronavirus, but honestly, I was afraid of being let down again… I’ve marched, I’ve yelled and yet we keep ending up right back here again.”

What compelled Tejan-Thomas Jr. to join was the constant refrain he kept hearing, and a core idea Resistance will explore: “This time is different.” The show will blend Tejan-Thomas Jr.’s personal stories with those of people on the frontlines of the movement, from long-time activists to first-timers fighting for change on a local and national scale.

Resistance will feature interviews with organizers like Chi Ossé and D-Wreck of Warriors in the Garden. The show will also boast a variety of black artists, such as Anderson .Paak and Drea the Vibe Dealer (the latter also composed the score for the series).

Resistance was produced by Bethel Habte, Wallace Mack, Aaron Randle and Sarah McVeigh; Lydia Polgreen, Lynn Levy and Brendan Klinkenberg (a former Rolling Stone staffer) served as editors; Bobby Lord and Catherine Anderson handled composition and engineering; and Darien Birks designed the show art.

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