Pippa Middleton lost her job writing Pippa Tips for Waitrose Weekend magazine

Pippa Middleton went from a hustler who got paid a small fortune to write Pippa Tips for a number of magazines to “wife of a terribly moderately wealthy man” in a matter of years. After Pippa’s ass of lies made a big splash at the 2011 Royal Wedding, she was offered a number of opportunities, and she took many of them. There was her terrible party-planning book, which netted her something like $500,000 (and didn’t sell). There was her column for Vanity Fair, which was so terrible, it was discontinued in a year. There were other magazine columns, all of which paid handsomely. One of those magazines was for Waitrose’s Weekend magazine, where Pippa offered “tips” on everything from fitness to pregnancy to diet to party-planning. None of her columns were anything special, but that was her longest-running gig. And now it’s over.

Pippa Middleton famously shared some profound fitness and lifestyle insights with readers of Waitrose’s Weekend magazine. In her regular column, the Duchess of Cambridge’s sister enlightened her followers with pronouncements such as this tennis tip: ‘I’ve been advised to keep two feet on the ground when hitting strokes.’

But no more, alas. I hear that following a shake-up of the publication’s editorial management team, Pippa’s services are no longer required. Pippa first joined the magazine in 2014. She went on maternity leave shortly before she gave birth to son Arthur, now eight months, although she was expected to return to her role. However, now Waitrose sources tell me the partnership is over.

One says: ‘It was good while it lasted but now that there is a new management team in place, it was decided it was time to end the contract.’ Pippa’s final Weekend outing came at Christmas, when she appeared in a festive photoshoot without Arthur. Three months ago, she wrote a piece for Weekend’s sister publication, Waitrose Food.

[From The Daily Mail]

My guess is that Pippa isn’t too broken up about losing this gig, even if it was – I believe? – her only writing gig at this point. Nowadays, she’s doing what her sister always wanted to be: the wife of a terribly rich man with no responsibilities other than child-rearing and some light charity work. Something I didn’t realize is that Pippa’s son Arthur Michael William Matthews is only eight months old! For some reason, I thought she gave birth to him in 2017, but that’s just my own f–ked up perception of time these days. My guess is that Pippa will have another child too – a little brother or sister for Arthur. So…my guess is that Pippa will find some way to write Pippa Tips for some pregnancy/child magazine, right? Do you guys have a version of Good Housekeeping or Fit Pregnancy in the UK?

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