Peter Weber Gets 'Brutally Honest' About Kelley Flanagan’s 'Calculated' Breakup Comments!

Peter Weber responded to the bombshells that Kelley Flanagan dropped about their breakup — and he’s not here for it!

In case you missed it, Kelley didn’t hold back while talking about her December 2020 split from Weber on Chicks in the Office last week, saying how their second try at a relationship “ended really badly” when she “found some news out” that was troubling. It turned out so bad the reality star eventually told him to “get the hell out of my life” and “lose my number.” Eek! Yeah, we would say that is a pretty messy end.

Now, Peter has clapped back after hearing his ex-girlfriend’s interesting comments over on the Bachelors in the City podcast. The former Bachelor lead called Flanagan’s remarks “calculated” and “disingenuous,” adding:

“I’m gonna be so brutally, brutally honest with you guys for however long this goes on for and just speak from the heart. I thought it was very calculated. I thought, after hearing how it went, that it was very trying to push for a headline.”

Notice how he attacks how she spoke about it but not the content of her statements? Almost like he can’t defend against them? He continued:

“That’s too bad. I didn’t necessarily expect that from Kelley — it kind of caught me off guard.”

Did it really, Pilot Pete?? It’s not like she hasn’t been sprinkling hints here and there — especially after he was the one who announced their uncoupling on New Year’s Eve despite her request to wait a couple of days.

The aviator went on to express how thankful he was for their time together — even though things have become rather unpleasant since:

“Kelley is so much more than just a girl from the Bachelor, a girl that I was in a relationship with. The breakup was obviously very hard on the both of us. I’ve been very open how truly — and I’m not just saying this — Kelley was the best relationship that I have ever had in my life. And could not be more grateful for that 10 months that we did have together.”

Wait, he’s taking the high road after calling her “calculated”? Bold move.

Despite the romance with Flanagan being “the best”, Weber reiterated that he has “more than 100 percent moved on,” and there is no chance of them reuniting in the future:

“What I’m about to say is not in any way meant to indicate that I’m still holding out hope or whatnot, no — I’m more than 100 percent moved on. I know that we aren’t right for each other. I’ve accepted that. I’m so thankful for our time together, but I know that Kelley and I aren’t meant to be together, and that’s okay.”

Got it, got it! However, we kind of already figured that there was no way the pair would give it a shot again based on the attorney’s strong statements. But it’s a good thing the exes can agree that they aren’t compatible, at least! In the end, the 29-year-old reality star said he “can’t wait to find my person” and wishes Kelley nothing but the best:

“Closure’s such a great thing — I can’t force Kelley to get closure. I want her to be happy. Be happy, let this go, let it be.”

Let it go? Let it go?? Hmm, is he really so past it he’s in a zen ex-boyfriend state? Or would he rather her not get closure the way she needs if it makes him look bad?

We will have to see if Flanagan will plan to comment anything further or truly just let it go. What are your thoughts on Weber’s side of the story? Let us know in the comments (below)!

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