Olivia Attwood insists she’s not a bully after row with co-star Courtney Green

Olivia Attwood has insisted she's not a "bully" after a shocking row with Courtney Green during Towie filming.

The blonde beauty has spoken out about a ferocious bust-up in Marbella on Monday evening between her and co-star Courtney.

Olivia denied she went to far and dismissed claims she called Courtney a "pig", insisting the word she actually used was "goat."

The feud kicked off before Olivia joined the reality smash hit, but after she came on board it stepped up a notch.

The former Love Island star, 28, explained the situation to the MailOnline .

She revealed: "There's been a lot of drama between me and Courtney and Chloe [Meadows] since I've joined.

"I just feel like they don't like me at all. There was some 'agg' after Sunday night's episode after Pete [Wicks] and I were branded bullies."

Olivia didn't react well the term, saying that it's a very serious accusation to be called a bully.

She said: "Bully for me is such a big word. It is such a sensitive conversation…

"I am a lot of things but I am not a bully. It is not bullying to have an opinion, they are two different things."

Onlookers told the publication that Olivia had been drinking all day before attending a producers meeting, in which Courtney called her "trashy."

Olivia went on: "Courtney called me trash and I'm not having anyone talk to me like that. I was really offended.

"The next thing I know I've thrown some olives over but I didn't throw them at her because if I had meant to they would have hot her straight in the forehead because I'm a good aim. That wasn't my intention…

"Yes I am a bit rough around the edges but I would prefer to be rough around the edges than dull as dishwater like Courtney."

Olivia denied claims she'd called Courtney a pig, saying: "I did not call her a pig. I did call her a goat because she has little legs. I would not call her a pig.

"We are supposed to have opinions about each other. That isn't the same as victimising someone and bullying them. TOWIE doesn't condone any bullying at all either.

"It is disgusting that they have tried to compare the two."

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