Older people have not turned off a switch Zoe Wana­maker talks sex and drinking too much

Dame Judy Dench photobombs Zoë Wanamaker at the Oliviers

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Zoe Wana­maker, 72, is showing no signs of slowing down when it comes to living her best life. The Harry Potter star revealed she still enjoys going out and getting her groove on while drinking too much until the early hours.

It is important for younger people to see that older people have not turned off a switch

Zoe Wanamaker

In a recent interview, the actress made it clear she hasn’t “turned off a switch” just because she’s getting older.

“It is important for younger people to see that older people have not turned off a switch,” she stated.

“I do want to go out dancing and get sweaty and drink too much, and go home at three in the morning, and I do want to have sex.

“I do want to dress up how I want to, and I want to have a life and choose what I want to do,” Zoe continued to tell Good Housekeeping.

Zoe is best known for her role as fun-loving mother of two Susan Harper on the hit BBC sitcom My Family.

During lockdown, the broadcaster decided to air re-runs of the programme, which focuses on the lovable but chaotic Harper family.

Starring alongside Robert Lindsay, who plays her cynical husband Ben, Zoe revealed it was the show’s “fun” scripts which kept her on the series.

The sitcom called it a day nearly a decade ago, but it remains a firm family favourite.

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, the much-loved actress explained why she wanted to remain on the series for so long, crediting one major factor in particular.

She revealed: “Well, because of that because of the scripts really. With the scripts, it’s always to do the writing, and always to do with the possibilities of just getting it together.

“We never got bored with each other at all. It’s always the scrips. The scripts were interesting and good and fun – a delight.”

However, the star did note she didn’t love every single episode, adding: “There’s always going to be one or two that I didn’t enjoy, at all, but then that’s you know that’s with every series that you do, there’s bound to be a couple you just don’t enjoy that much.”

Zoe also revealed getting the part in the show changed her perception of what a sitcom was after she initially believed it meant something entirely different.

She confessed: “But then, the interesting thing is that I’ve never done a sitcom before, I always sort of meant sitting down comedy. When I watched it, they always had people come in the door and then they sit down.

“And so this was much more active and imaginative and each series was different…”

Zoe added cheekily: “Yeah, I always changed my hair for each series!”

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