Montana Brown credits Celebrity SAS for getting her pregnant – and jokes Jermaine Pennant is sons real dad

Montana Brown has credited Celebrity SAS for getting her pregnant and even joked that her co-star Jermaine Pennant is her son's real dad.

The star, 28, who found fame on Love Island, had struggled to conceive for months but got pregnant days after she came back from being on SAS and saw her partner Mark O'Connor again.

Speaking to The Sun, Montana explained: "I was trying to have a baby for so long before SAS and literally in the few days that I got back I conceived. My body was obviously in peak physical condition. It was like clockwork."

She also joked that Mark thought that baby Jude, who they welcomed in June, was Jermaine Pennant's at first, as doctors discovered that she was pregnant when she was on the show.

On Celebrity SAS, Montana and the other 15 contestants had to do intense training and activities and although it was really tough, she found it an amazing experience.

But she admitted: "Childbirth is easier than the stuff we were doing. I gave birth with no pain relief, so I can wholeheartedly say that, yeah, for me the SAS experience was way harder."

It comes after instructor Mark 'Billy' Billingham spoke about the celebrities and their intense filming schedule of 24 hours a day on Celebrity SAS.

Billy said: "These people get pushed 17 to 18 hours a day and viewers only get to see 45 minutes of it.

"They really do get pushed, there's so much content, so what you see is not their day, they've had a long long day".

The decorated war hero went on to share that the "whole process is around two and a half to three weeks" as the celebrities have physical and medical tests beforehand. They then start filming continuously which Billy said can last "anything from 10 to 14 days depending on how many are on the course.

"It doesn't sound a lot but it's run and filmed 24 hours a day, and around 18 hours of those days they're working."

Speaking further about the gruelling days for the celebrities, Billy continued: "There ain't no downtime.

"The downtime is when they walk back into that accommodation which isn't very comfortable, that is your 'downtime' – they soon start to appreciate it".

When asked if the instructors have any downtime themselves, Billy explained: "No we don't. We've got the mirrored rooms we do all that and there's a part in the show where we sit down and discuss every single one of them.

"This takes place right at the very end of the night and that could be 20 to 40 minutes to discuss every single person. So you can imagine, they get about 18 hours and we're on it for around 20 hours and we're up early to get them up again.

"It's exhausting – but the difference is, the psychological difference, which is massive, we know what's coming, they don't." Billy went on to confirm that the instructors stay in similar accommodation to the celebrities "the only difference is that we might have an extra fan.

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