Millie Court proud for posting makeup free pics after struggle with adult acne

Millie Court felt “proud” on Monday, 10 January, as she posted unfiltered snaps of herself make-up free, after never having “dreamed” of doing so a year ago.

Following struggles with acne as an adult, the Love Island winner opened up to her 1.9 million followers that she didn’t feel confident enough before in her appearance to share photos of herself without wearing make-up.

Millie appeared to let her insecurities go though after she shared photos of herself smiling whilst on holiday in the Maldives with boyfriend Liam Reardon, appearing fresh-faced and glowing in the images.

The 25-year-old was captured wearing a cream, semi-sheer dress with billowing sleeves and a plunging neckline as she sat outside surrounded by lit-up palm trees in the evening.

“Stripped back. I feel quite proud of myself for posting these photos today. A completely untouched photo of me," Millie captioned it.

"A year ago, I would never have dreamed of even walking out of the house without makeup on, let alone taking a photo and putting it on the gram for everyone to see.

“As some of you may know, I’ve struggled with adult acne and it was the thing I was most insecure and self-conscious about.

“I’ve been through a lot of different skin care and treatments and I thought it would never get better, so it feels amazing to be at this point and look at this picture of myself and how far I’ve come.”

Millie explained to her followers that getting to this point of feeling confident in her skin “wasn’t an easy journey” and that she finally found a skincare regime that worked for her after lots of research and talks with professionals.

The reality star also attributed the pleasant weather conditions being on holiday to helping improve her skin recently.

“I think my skin also loves me on holiday, something about it I don’t know what, but it always seems to clear up in the sun and sea.,” Millie wrote.

“No doubt about it, when I get back home my skin will break out again like it did over Christmas but I guess that’s just something I have to deal with now – random breakouts every now and then.

“Don’t be fooled by Instagram either, this is my good side – I have a couple of marks, deep scars and 2 spots on my other side, but to see that one side is clear is enough for me and a huge difference to what it was a year ago!”

Millie admitted in the post to smoothing out and editing her skin in photos previously and warned fans by the end of her message not to buy into the filtered images seen on Instagram every day, saying: “We all want to post the best versions of ourselves on Instagram.

"So, for those who sometimes forget, Instagram is a filtered life and even though it looks like everyone on Instagram may have perfect skin, I bet you they probably don’t, and that is perfectly normal.

“Our flaws are what makes us who we are, nobody is perfect, and one of my flaws is my skin. But that’s what makes me, me.”

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