“Maybe Lil’ Wayne endorsed Donald Trump just to get a pardon” links

Maybe Lil Wayne endorsed Donald Trump to get a pardon, because it looks like Lil’ Wayne is facing 10 years in prison on federal weapons charges. [Dlisted]
The real cost of the drinks in Emily In Paris. [OMG Blog]
Tom Cruise wore a mask on a Venice gondola. [Just Jared]
That turtleneck is insane on Michael B. Jordan. [LaineyGossip]
Princess Anne’s tartan cloak wasn’t all that great? [Go Fug Yourself]
I feel so sorry for teachers dealing with MAGA moms. [Pajiba]
The GOP has been trying to ratf–k in Georgia for 10 months. [Towleroad]
This “pig couch” is unsettling. [Jezebel]
A mom let her daughter wear her “sasshole” t-shirt for picture day. [Buzzfeed]
Sarah Jessica Parker wore hot pink for a Vogue summit.[RCFA]

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