Love Island’s Amy says she’ll need counselling for Curtis break-up trauma

Amy Hart has revealed she quit Love Island to 'protect her mental health' – after producers were forced to stand over her to make sure she ate.

The 26-year-old air stewardess had had a traumatic few days as her relationship with professional dancer Curtis Pritchard unravelled in front of viewers of the ITV2 dating show.

Amy made an emotional exit from the villa after she decided that her mental health would be affected if she stayed to see her former partner building a relationship with another woman.

Maura Higgins has made a play for Curtis from the moment that he became single again – and witnessing her attempts to lure him put Amy "in a horrible place" and left her fearing it would trigger her anxiety.

Speaking to The Sun, Amy said: "I chose my mental health over the reality show.

"I was in a very horrible place over the last week, to be told that the gloves were off with Maura and I had to 'brace myself', like a storm. I knew I had to leave when I did.

"I'm kidding myself thinking that I can watch Curtis cracking on with Maura. It would be self-sabotage.

"It's not nice. I have to put myself and my sanity first."

Amy said she lost six pounds through not eating and Love Island producers "stood over" her to make sure she ate.

She added: "I feel a million times better now I've left, but I defy anyone not to fall apart and be completely heartbroken.

"I was very confused. I couldn't eat, I lost six pounds."

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