Love Island star Lavena Back left heartbroken by Premier League star Wilfried Zaha after he ‘cheated on her’ – EXCLUSIVE

Love Island bombshell Lavena Back has entered the villa and has already started turning heads.

However, while the 23 year old is looking for the one on the ITV2 show, she once had her heartbroken by a famous Premier League star.

Lavena is said to have dated Crystal Palace footballer Wilfried Zaha, before the forward cheated on her.

Speaking exclusively to OK! online, a source said: “They split about four years ago because Zaha cheated on her repeatedly.

“They’d been together for about two years and had been on and off too.”

The source continued: “I don’t think Lavena has had any serious relationships or been in love since being with Wilfried.

“She’s now ready to find love again and saw going on Love Island as the perfect way to prove to herself that she’s over him.

“Zaha still contacts her and recently expressed his upset and jealousy at her being in rapper Dave’s music video for his song Streatham.

"God only knows how he’s going to feel about her being in Love Island and the whole nation being able to see her dating other guys.”

Speaking before she entered the villa, Lavena told producers: “I’m confident and I’m ready for love.

“I’ve been on my own for four years so whoever I meet in there I will fall for.

“I needed a while to get over my last relationship and really enjoy myself before I could commit to someone. But now I’m very much ready.”

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