Louise Thompson pens heartfelt tribute to fiancé Ryan after nearly dying giving birth to son Leo

Made in Chelsea star Louise Thompson has penned a heartfelt tribute to her fiancé Ryan Libbey after she nearly died giving birth.

The 31 year old, who recently announced the arrival of her son Leo-Hunter after 'serious complications', shared a collection of photographs of her partner Ryan bonding with their newborn and praised him as her 'rock'.

Louise, who was left in intensive care after 'dancing with death twice', announced on December 23 that she was discharged from hospital but has described in an emotional Instagram post to her 1.3million followers that '2021 has been the hardest year of my life by miles'.

Personal trainer Ryan looked every inch the doting dad in the candid photographs as he bonded with their beautiful newborn.

The first picture saw Ryan holding the baby boy on his shoulder at home while a second snap captured the new dad cradling Leo-Hunter in hospital.

Another sweet picture saw Ryan and his little boy fast asleep on a play mat along with a sweet photograph of Leo-Hunter resting on his dad's chest.

Ryan was also photographed bathing his adorable little boy along with feeding him a bottle on their double bed.

Louise also captured a heartwarming snap of Ryan holding Leo-Hunter in front of the Christmas tree at their London home with the little boy wearing a cardigan embroidered with his name.

Captioning the post, first-time mum Louise penned: "2021 has been the hardest year of my life by miles. And I really mean that. MILES.

"But there is someone in my life who will have found it equally as hard. This guy. He has had to witness things that no partner should ever have to. He has called ambulances. He has been inside (and outside) operating theatres for hours.

"He has had to bring up our son as a single parent for the first month+ of his life. He has slept on the hard floor of the hospital for a week. (I didn’t realise that he would sneak off to the chapel in the middle of the night to pray)… and that’s before things even got bad.

"Then he had to come home and organise the entire house whilst looking after a newborn because it was still pretty much a building site.

"He has coordinated my whole family so that they could come and visit me and minimise the stress. He has had to look after me and the baby for the first few weeks of me arriving home because I haven’t been able to look after myself.

"- He has showered me
– Injected me
– Changed sanitary towels
– Washed my hair
– Cooked for me
– Cleaned the house
– Done every food shop
– Had MANY sleepless nights looking after the baby (sometimes colicky)
– Driven me to the ambulatory care department for daily drips
– Not to mention the fact he kindly brought the baby to the hospital to visit me everyday when I was an impatient so we could bond (even though I was too out of it/hyper vigilant to be able to).

"He never complains. And he’s still doing the LION’S share of the work between the two of us. Ryan I commend you. I don’t know many men who would be able to handle this situation with such grace and fortitude.

"You are my rock and I’m so sorry for what you’ve been through. 2022 better be our year!! I will do my best to be strong for u two."

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