Lil Nas X Comes Out as Gay on Final Day of Pride Month

June was Pride Month, and there is no bigger rising star in the music world right now than Lil Nas X.

The 20-year-old rapper has charmed the ears and hearts of millions with his music, especially “Old Town Road.”

And on the last day of Pride, he had an important announcement.

“Some of y’all already know, some of y’all don’t care, some of y’all not gone fwm no more.” Lil Nas X tweeted on Sunday.

“But before this month ends,” he wrote. “i want y’all to listen closely to c7osure.”

There are a couple of important things to note about that tweet.

First, that the 20-year-old rapper has (perhaps jokingly) clarified that the song’s title is pronounced “csevenosure.”

Second, that June is always Pride Month, and Lil Nas X was excited yet nervous to come out to fans.

As he said, he knew that some people already knew that he was gay.

(Full disclosure — I had no idea that he wasn’t already out until he came out. I had the same problem a decade ago with Anderson Cooper)

He knew that some folks would be indifferent, and he acknowledged in that same tweet that some homophobes would drop his music immediately.

Also, in case the rainbow emoji and everything else wasn’t enough, Lil Nas X posted plenty of follow-up tweets.

Lil Nas X later showed his album art and suggested that he’d “deadass thought i made it obvious.”

“C7osure” contains lyrics about coming out of your shell and not holding yourself back anymore.

Ain’t no more actin’, man that forecast say I should just let me grow,” one verse reads.

No more red light for me, baby, only green, I gotta go,” the song continues.

Pack my past up in the back, oh, let my future take ahold,” Lil Nas X’s lyrics express.

This is what I gotta do, can’t be regrettin’ when I’m old,” he wrote.

Lil Nas X himself shared a screenshot of an online annotation of the lyrics of the song, where one person had noted beside these words: “He gay.”

Lil Nas X’s song “Old Town Road” was initially blocked from the place it deserved in the charts.

See, Billboard had determined that it just wasn’t quite “Country” enough.

One remix featuring Billy Ray Cyrus later, however, and that bizarre boundary was lifted.

Lil Nas X has been dominating the #1 slot all summer.

That is part of what makes his coming out so huge.

It’s not just that he’s a young, black, gay rapper who is out at such a young age and so early in his career.

He came out during Pride at a time when every young person in America knows his name. That’s powerful.

Lil Nas X has also had fun with his fans who have responded to the story of him coming out.

In some cases, he just pokes fun at a typo.

(We all make typos every day of our lives, but Lil Nas X confirming that he is “a guy” is very funny)

He has also poked fun at people overanalyzing all of his lyrics.

For the record, he has tweeted that “Old Town Road” is literally about a horse.

Why does a young black rapper coming out of the closet at the launch of his stardom matter so much?

In part because it’s just good that he can be himself. He doesn’t need to be fake dating Blac Chyna for clout or whatever.

But it’s also great for LGBTQ+ youth to have a role model. Lil Nas X is right on the cusp of Millennials and Gen Z.

And, as we said, every young person in America knows his song. For some younger ones, he may be the first gay entertainer in their lives.

Also, combined stigmas of racism and homophobia make black LGBTQ+ representation even more important for young people to see.

Congratulations, Lil Nas X!

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