Liam Gallagher Appears To Reveal Tracklist For New Album

British singer-songwriter Liam Gallagher seems to have revealed the tracklist for his new album, Why Me? Why Not.

The former Oasis singer took to Twitter on July 4 and tweeted series of cryptic tweets, which fans have interpreted as the titles of songs from his upcoming record.

If the posts are to be taken as official confirmation, Why Me? Why Not will consist of 11 tracks, including “One of Us,” “Once,” “Now That I’ve Found You,” as well as the previously released “Shockwave” and “The River.”

The album will be his second solo album after 2017’s As You Were. The album is set to drop on September 20.

Why Me? Why Not Potential Tracklist:

1. Shockwave
2. One Of Us
3. Once
4. Now That I’ve Found You
5. Halo
6. Why Me? Why Not
7. Be Stiill
8. Alright Now
9. Meadow
10. The River
11. Gone

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