Laura Marano On Cameron Boyce: ‘He Was Such An Incredible Guy’

Laura Marano is opening up about one of her most fond memories of Cameron Boyce.

The 23-year-old singer and actress and the late 20-year-old were often at the same events and gatherings as they were both part of the Disney Channel and young Hollywood.

“He was such an incredible guy and I think there are so many amazing memories that I’m sure so many people have of him,” she said on People Now.

“I know for me, he worked with an organization that I had been working with called Thirst Project, and the last gala that they had, he was awarded an award there and actually made such a beautiful speech. I remember talking to him after. I saw him shortly after that too, as well,” she added.

“He was a really, really incredibly guy and I’m just really feeling for his family right now, his super close friends that just moved in with him. Hopefully we can all learn to heal during this time,” she continued.

“He loved giving back, and he loved this idea of really participating in something that’s bigger than yourself. And I hope that everyone takes that with them and tries to live their life that way,” Laura said.

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