Latto Tired of Fans Questioning Origin of Her Name

The ‘B***h From Da Souf’ artist, who became a target of criticism on the Internet over her original name, previously addressed the name change on her song ‘The Biggest’.

AceShowbiz -Latto (previously Mulatto) wants people to stop questioning her name change. After someone asked her the origin of her moniker, the “Big Energy” femcee took to social media to offer her clapback.

On Wednesday, December 29, the 23-year-old got a question from a Twitter user that read, “Hey what’s Latto short for? @Latto.” To the inquiry, the Ohio-born femcee asked back, “Y’all not over this yet?”

“I’ve apologized for it multiple times even tho I didn’t name myself at 8yo,” she added. “I took the blame/accountability, turned over a new leaf & made sum positive of it.. all while maintaining my trademarks, LLCs etc w/o branching too far off my established brand [red heart emoji].”

Latto already addressed the name change on her song “The Biggest”. In the track, which was dropped in May, she raps, “Misunderstood so I made it official/ Changed the name, watch them still make it an issue/ Big Latto, b***h, ain’t nothin’ ’bout me little/ Let me show you b***hes how to ball when all odds against you.”

Latto previously introduced herself to the world as Miss Mulatto or Mulatto. Although she claimed to have been trying to embrace her mixed ethnicity, many online users found the term offensive. Latto has since become a target of criticism on social media.

However, the “B***h From Da Souf” artist made it clear that she is unfazed by the backlash. On “The Biggest”, she rhymes, “The blogs wanna know who I’m f**kin’/ Rap b***hes ain’t talkin’ ’bout nothin’/ F**k it.”

“I’ll change my name but I bet they still gon’ find somethin’,” Latto continues. “Y’all ain’t bully me out my s**t/ Drop hits I still ain’t miss (b***h)/ New money, new crib, new whip, new name/ I’m still that b***h.”

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