Las Vegas Goes Forward with NYE Fireworks, Draws Crowds Amid COVID

When it comes to the coronavirus, what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas with COVID and all … and that’s why the New Year’s Eve fireworks show is so troubling.

The city put on a typical fireworks display from The Plaza Hotel & Casino as the clock struck midnight in an untypical year, and spectators swarmed to watch and celebrate ringing in 2021.

Obviously … not very safe with COVID-19 cases surging everywhere, and fireworks naturally draw crowds, so you have to wonder who made this decision.

Earlier on New Year’s Eve, tens of thousands of people also thumbed their noses at the virus by walking the Strip like there’s no pandemic … despite Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak urging people to stay home.

It’s all very strange, since Vegas did cancel other big parties and fireworks displays, even replacing one with an implosion of a huge 2020 sign.

That gesture doesn’t really mean much though … if everyone’s going to act the same in the new year when it comes to COVID.

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