Kim Woodburn wishes to be younger as she talks turning 80

Queen of clean Kim Woodburn has never been one to mince her words. So we can’t wait to hear her spice things up in this latest fun celebrity reality show, Celeb Cooking School.

Kim and a host of other stars, all novice cooks, will step up to the plate with the help of a professional chef.

Finding fame on How Clean Is Your House? in 2003, Kim won a legion of fans as she berated folk up and down the country for their untidy houses.

“We are a nation of mucky beggars,” Kim chortles as she catches up with new. “Some of us think it’s funny, but it’s not!”

Following the success of the show, Kim found herself in the jungle in 2009, where she finished as runner-up to Gino D’Acampo on I’m A Celebrity.

But her most infamous reality TV stint came when she starred in Celebrity Big Brother in 2017, where she clashed with fellow housemates Nicola McLean, Jamie O’Hara, James Jordan and Coleen Nolan, to name but a few.

Here, Kim, 80, who’s married to former policeman Peter, tells us about her return to the spotlight and shares some home truths on her former CBB housemates…

How does it feel to be regarded a national treasure?

I’m not complaining. On the whole people are smashing, even the dirty beggars and I haven’t half seen them! I’m just a cleaner, my love, but people seem to have taken to me. I’m not going to knock it, it’s better than being hated.

Were you surprised by the support that you got following Celebrity Big Brother?

That was in 2017 and people still talk to me about it. Even when I go to Tesco, people stop me and say, “Hello, Kim! Ooh, weren’t they rotten in Big Brother?” It’s years later but people still talk to me about it because they could see what I couldn’t. I didn’t know what they were filming.

Was it tough being in the CBB house?

I didn’t go on Big Brother with the intention of it turning out like it did. I know celebrities can be a pain in the bum. You’re probably lucky if 30% of celebrities are nice people. I did expect I would get some problems in there, but I had a shocking time. But do you know what, lovey? I got paid a big amount of money. I’m not going to go and do a job and be false.

It was a very hard time in there but I wouldn’t leave, I was being paid so much money. If you leave, they take away part of your fee. I’ve been poor for a long time so I’m not turning down big money for those a*******s. I was very unhappy in there.

How did your husband find it watching you in there?

My husband was a bit worried, but they took such good care of him. My husband had a stroke in 2013 and I said I wanted the show to ring him each day because I do worry about him. They rang him every single day. He spoke to a show psychiatrist after the big argument when I was reduced to tears and they reassured him I was alright. It was a horrible experience, but I laughed all the way to the bank! I just don’t know why they picked on me.

Your fans ask you to insult them in personalised videos now! What on earth do you make of that?

People are so lovely, they ask me to wish their loved one a happy birthday and insult them, and people write such lovely messages saying how much they enjoyed it. Whatever takes your fancy, love. I don’t know why they laugh their heads off being called filthy beggars and chicken-livered, I don’t know what it is! I laugh my socks off.

Congrats on turning 80 earlier this year. How did it feel to hit that milestone?

I’m glad I’ve made it to 80, but if I had one wish it would be to be younger. You can’t beat being young and planning ahead, thinking, “In 10 years’ time I’ll do this…” When you’re 80, you don’t know if you’re going to be around the next year. I’ve done very well, but nobody wants to be 80.

You’ve been looking at people’s dirty cars with Welcome Break. Tell us about that?

People just don’t clean their cars, dear. I visited the services at Welcome Break Keele and gave people a good talking-to. Why don’t people take the rubbish out of their car as they’re leaving and put it in their house?

What is your top tip for people keeping their cars clean?

Tidy as you go along. Put a plastic bag in your car, throw everything in there, carry it into your house and put it in the bin.

Is there one piece of life advice you can share?

Be nice to people, treat people decently. Don’t expect people to have all the values you do, we all have different values. Life goes by so quickly. You just have to have fun and be nice.

Kim Woodburn has teamed up with Welcome Break to launch its How Clean Is Your Car? campaign to help the nation keep their cars spick and span during road trips. See Kim in Celeb Cooking School, Monday and Tuesday, 10pm, E4. Catch up on all episodes on All 4


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