Keke Palmer Launches Her Own Television Network KeyTV: Our Stories Matter

The 29-year-old singer, actress, writer and director turns to her social media platform to introduce her TV network with the ambition of showcasing a ‘new generation of creators.’

AceShowbizKeke Palmer launches her own digital network. The 29-year-old actress has taken to social media to announce that she’s launching KeyTV, with the ambition of showcasing a “new generation of creators.”

The Hollywood star – whose real name is Lauren, said in an Instagram video, “Hi, I’m Lauren Palmer and this is Keke Palmer, the brand I created 20 years ago, all the way back in Illinois with my mom. In those 20 years, I learned how to be a few things.”

Keke has enjoyed success as a singer, an actress, a writer and as a director. But ultimately, Keke thinks that her work as a collaborator has been the most important part of her career. She explained, “I want to share everything I learned with you, because this is my greatest dream of all. All it takes is one of us to unlock a door to unlock a million doors for each other. I’m so excited to introduce you guys to KeyTV, where our stories matter and where we are represented as the keys to the culture.”

KeyTV already has a presence on various social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube. But at the moment, it’s not been confirmed what kind of content KeyTV will produce.

Meanwhile, Keke previously revealed that she’s determined to use her voice and her profile to fight for the causes she believes in. The singer, who released her debut album “So Uncool” back in 2007, said, “If I’m gonna have something to say, or if I’m gonna be someone that’s looked at, I wanna try my best to uplift other people like me. Whether they be black, whether they be women, whether they be millennials, whether they be the underdog, whatever. If I can be that voice, why not?”

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