Katie Price reignites Phillip Schofield feud as she drags up their on-air clash

Katie Price refuelled her feud with Phillip Schofield in a fuming tirade.

The former glamour model, 41, got impassioned when she drudged up her on-air spat with the TV presenter once again.

Katie recalled the anger she felt when Phillip scolded her for dropping the N-word twice live on This Morning during her television interview in 2017.

The mother-of-five sparked a flurry of complaints when she repeated the racist slurs used by cruel trolls to taunt her eldest son Harvey, now 17.

Now looking back on it, Katie questioned why she should be told off for using the foul language on television when trolls could get away with it online.

"I remember when I went on This Morning and I asked Phillip Schofield how he would feel if someone called his child a “black n****r” and “spastic” like these bullies did to my son – he was shocked," Katie wrote in New magazine.

"He didn’t like it and asked me not to say it again. The reason he didn’t like it was because I was saying it out loud on TV.

"Why would I be stopped from saying it on a live TV show yet no one stops people writing it online?"

Katie had appeared on This Morning in 2017 in a bid to criminalise online trolling as she campaigned for Harvey's Law.

The businesswoman, who has the backing of MPs, has been trying to get the law passed in parliament.

Anyone found guilty of online trolling could be prosecuted and get a criminal record if the bill is passed through parliament in December.

Katie caused controversy with her 2017 This Morning appearance when she repeated the vicious language used by keyboard warriors.

She said: "Is it strong enough to call my son a black blind n*****, is that not abuse? They called him a golliwog, that's my son, is that acceptable?

"Calling my son a n***** is just not acceptable."

Phillip warned Katie not to use the N-word again on live television in front of all This Morning viewers tuning into the daytime TV show.

He said: "Do not use that word again"

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