Kate del Castillo Calls Out Sean Penn Over His 2016 El Chapo Article: ‘It’s Full Of Shit’

Kate del Castillo is one person who does not think highly of Sean Penn, and it has a lot to do about his El Chapo article he wrote for Rolling Stone magazine.

During her appearance on Red Table Talk with Gloria, Emily and Lili Estefan this week, the La Reina del Sur star opened up about working with Sean to help him out for his documentary at the time on the drug lord.

However, she claims that Sean did not disclose his meeting was for an article in Rolling Stone up until moments before they met El Chapo.

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“Suddenly Sean says, ‘Tell him I want to interview him for Rolling Stone magazine,’” she recalled of that detail that slipped in last minute. “And I was [thinking] like, ‘Wait this is not on the script.’”

Kate adds that she was really cautious around El Chapo after learning that because she could not show surprise in her face over fears the cartel leader would suspect something sinister.

“I cannot do a face because [El Chapo] was going to notice that something’s wrong and this guy [Penn] is going to be dead in just a blink of my eye,” she shared.

Kate also disputed claims in Sean‘s article, including one about a checkpoint.

“There was no checkpoint,” she said. “I hated him for that but that’s why his article was full of s—.”

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Kate, who is known for her role as a cartel leader on television, continued on, saying that Sean “used me as bait and then he never protected me. And risked my life, my parents’ life, my sister’s life and everybody surrounding me.”

After Sean‘s article was published, she was under investigation by the Mexican government for her involvement.

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