John Cleese mocks woke culture in joke about his 57-year battle with microaggression

John Cleese discusses upcoming documentary on cancel culture

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John Cleese, 82, has made a joke on Twitter, mocking today’s woke culture by telling his followers that he is a victim of microaggression. The comedian told his followers that he was because American’s constantly have pronounced his name wrong, making him “demand compensation” for the incidents.

I demand compensation.

John Cleese

In view of his 5.6 million followers, John penned: “I must report a microaggression.

“Since I first visited the United States in 1964, most Americans pronounce my name as though it rhymes with ‘fleece’.

“The correct pronunciation is to rhyme it with ‘cheese’.

He continued: “I have suffered this microaggression for 57 years.

“I demand compensation.”

Many took to the comments, to tell John their opinion on his wild statement.

Ezbub_Relax said: “I get the joke, but I also understand what is offensive about it.

“So, if you are going to report microaggressions, maybe you should take a moment to know why and how they are harmful.

“Then, maybe, you could be funny, not pedantic.”

BrianBruce7 added: “This is a bad take Mr.Cleese.”

THUotila commented: “This tweet profoundly insults me and I demand its immediate withdrawal.”

By defintion microaggression is a statement, action, or incident regarded as an instance of indirect, subtle, or unintentional discrimination against members of a marginalised group such as a racial or ethnic minority.

With this definition, it is very clear to see how John’s comments would upset people, with this not being the first time the star has been open in today’s woke culture.

Speaking on The One Show last week, John spoke about our culture and his own definition of it ahead of his documentary launch John Cleese: Cancel Me.

Presenter Jermaine Jenas spoke to John about what his documentary should entail, with the press release saying his new show will explore “why a new ‘woke’ generation is trying to rewrite the rules on what can and can’t be said.”

John continued: “There was a poll in Britain asking do you know what cancel culture is, 58 per cent of the people didn’t.

“I think it’s not clear what it is and I think it originated in America in the ’50s and was very much to do with feeling dignity for black people who had been treated badly for so long,” he explained.

Speaking on its evolution, John stated: “Now it’s morphed into something else which has got a very good side of it, which is let’s be kind to people, but it’s also got a rather puritanical side to it.

“You can’t make jokes, and I think they don’t understand that all humour is critical, you can’t make fun of someone who’s perfect – it’s all about faults.”

The actor who is well known for his role in classic comedies Fawlty Towers and Monty Python.

The star found himself in hot water after defending the show after it was removed from UKTV for racist content.

Despite the episode airing in 1975, similar content recently prompted John to cancel an appearance at Cambridge University after a speaker was banned for a Hitler impression.

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