John Barrowman issues family health update after cancelled public appearances

John Barrowman shares health update on his mother

Doctor Who and Torchwood star John Barrowman has taken to Instagram to update his 1.3 million followers on his mother’s health after he was forced to cancel appearances at fan events after she was hospitalised last week.

He posted two videos to his page and in the first one the Scottish born, US raised star used his Scottish accent as he walked along the street chatting to the camera.

Looking visibly worried he said: “So an update for everyone. She is out of the ICU and she’s been moved to another ward they have removed what was in her leg going up to her pacemaker and that’s a big thing.”

“Also, she ate some potatoes, a wee bit of steak, a fruit cup, and carrots and that had been her first food in four days.

“I spent the night with her last night because she was a bit delirious again and that they figure is from the antibiotics they’re giving her.

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“She’s still on antibiotics because of the infection. However, it’s not as critical as it was because she’s in another room. So that’s kind of the update. We’re on the way up, I think. Fingers crossed,” he said.

Unfortunately, the second video he posted contained more worrying news about his parents’ health.

“Secondary update to the one just posted,” he announced. “This morning we put my dad in isolation. He has Covid.

“I’ve tested negative, Scott’s negative, everyone else has tested negative and my mother has tested positive.

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“So I’m heading back to the hospital now. Because of the new protocol, I’m still allowed go in and see her.

“And they said it’s not affecting her any – infection wise – just giving her a cough because she has been vaccinated the amount of times she should be for a person her age and with the medical conditions.

“So, so far so good. So, that’s it. That’s the other update. Yeah, just keeps coming,” he lamented.

Fans were quick to rush to the comments to offer their sympathy and empathy with what he is going through.

@isabellaosset wrote: “Oh John, you must be so stressed and you can hear it in your voice with Scottish accent coming in thickly on that first video.”(sic)

A follower called @roseyandsweetpea chimed in: “Oh sorry to hear this. Its a rollacoaster ride with elderly parents. Bless you all.x” (sic)

Meanwhile, @clairelou.1977 found it relatable, writing: “My mum also in hospital at the moment. I absolutely understand what you’re going through… sending love and get well wishes xxx” (sic)

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