Jodie Sweetin Drops Major Truth Bomb on Bob Saget and 'Full House' Fans Will Be Stunned

In the world of television, it’s customary for actors to snag a prop or two from the set. After all, who doesn’t want a relic from their time on the silver screen? Well over a year after John Stamos’ Instagram reveal, in which he shared with the world that he owns the iconic couch from Full House, we now know what Jodie Sweetin snagged for keeps.

In an episode of Bob Saget’s ‘Here For You’ podcast, Jodie revealed that she was the sneakster who snagged the sea pappy from the Full House set — an item that Dave Coulier (a.k.a. Uncle Joey) had asked about in the comments of John’s original Instagram post.

“I have the head of the sea pappy, and I almost got in trouble for stealing this on the night of the final show,” Jodie told Bob in the interview. “I took that and I took this [a framed needlework piece] and it says ‘Love is all we need.’ And this was hanging in the kitchen. And the first episode back, I noticed it and said, ‘I want that when it’s done.’”

While the needlepoint was an easy grab, Jodie admitted that the sea pappy head was more of a challenge. “The sea pappy head was a mission, that was a major thing,” she revealed. “So, uh, no joke, I was like, ‘How can I fit the entire sea pappy into my car?’” While she couldn’t manage the entire styrofoam replica, Jodie did detach the head (which had been glued on) and secretly shuffled it to her car.

“Security came as I was walking — I think I had it in my car — and Kathy from the production office and somebody else came, from props or whatever, and were like ‘Who has the head?’ I had snatched the head and taken it up to my dressing room right as we were done,” she explained.

Caught in the act, Jodie admitted that she had it and they confiscated it. But to her surprise, they called her three weeks later after clearing the set and told her that it was waiting to be picked up. It now sits on her bookshelf as a fond memory of her time on the show. “I also have Mr. Bear. The original Mr. Bear,” she added.

While Bob was surprised by her loot, he revealed that he, too, has props from the set. Namely, the barometer from next to the door.

“And Stamos! You know what he has? He’s got the couch; he’s got the doors of the house — the red doors, he’s got them in his house,” Bob exclaimed.

It’s only a matter of time before we find out what Dave and Candace Cameron Bure took.

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