Jeffree Star Slams Accusations That He’s Paying His New Boyfriend

Jeffree Star seemingly has a new man in his life and he wants followers to know that he doesn’t pay anyone to be with him.

The 34-year-old makeup guru and entrepreneur took to social media this weekend to share a PDA-filled photo with a mystery man, who was later identified as basketball player Andre Marhold. (Want to know more about him? Click here!)

After fans figured out who Andre is, Jeffree took to Twitter to share a new selfie with him and also clapped back at accusations that he’s being paid.

“I know it’s devastating news for some people, but I don’t give money to anyone I’m dating or anyone who is f–king me. Work on your own insecurities sis, I’m not the problem 💖,” Jeffree tweeted.

He added, “Worry about how to pay your own bills, not who’s in my mouth 💯 Thank you, God bless – Upper management.”

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