James Haskell hits back at social media ‘narcissism’ as he talks keeping fit with Chloe

Roman Kemp discusses his dad's tumour with James Haskell

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James Haskell, 36, recently wowed fans with his latest fitness transformation on Instagram as he debuted his 19 lb weight loss. In an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, the rugby player-turned DJ spoke about staying fit in the public eye and working out with wife Chloe Madeley.

James posted back in April about how he’d been trying to see “how big” he could get during the third lockdown.

The star has been working with his fitness instructor and television presenter wife to transform his body as he shared his progress on social media.

Speaking about this, he explained: “I share the progress that not as an, ‘Oh, look at me.’

“I know there is a massive level of narcissism involved in social media.

“But it’s kind of quite nice to show you can do this if you stick to it.

“There’s no miracle to it, like I wasn’t taking steroids…

“I just follow Chloe’s nutrition plan and track my calories and trained online virtually.”

However, despite receiving some praise for his transformation, he also received some trolling as well from his 545,000 followers on Instagram.

The star opened up about the difficulties of the medium, admitting he feels we have “lost our way” a bit.

The rugby star continued: “We’ve lost our way a little bit I think in terms of people in the context of social media and the media as a whole about what’s healthy and what’s not healthy.

“I think, no one should ever tell you what you should look like because beauty is in the eye of the beholder, your perception of what you think looks good.

“No one should ever do that, you should be comfortable in your body.

“But there are certain extremes, too skinny or too overweight, you know what’s not healthy.

“I think that’s something that we’ve got to really look at and hammer about what is actually healthy.

“And not put people on pedestals on either end that are unhealthy.

“It’s great, they’re comfortable with how they look but you shouldn’t really advocate for it.”

The star was speaking as part of his new campaign with The Unbelievable ALT, which is a brand that makes meat substitute foods.

Given he’s been training so hard as well as being outspoken about his beliefs, many may have been confused to see him linked to a vegan brand.

However, speaking about this, James argued: “Well, I mean, let’s get straight, I take the mickey out of everybody, I still take the mick out of vegans and anybody that I can get a cheap laugh against.”

Although, he then added: “I think if you’re looking at switching to veganism for ethical purposes, ie, you know, I believe that over-farming is destroying the environment, animal cruelty, I’m 100% on board with that.

“I think people who change because they watch the Game Changers documentary…

“The most healthy diet is plant-based and animal protein-based, every dietitian will tell you that.

“I like the concept of working with The Unbelievable ALT on the grounds of looking for alternatives and making some changes to my diet to add variety – I’m a big believer in that.

“I’m a big believer in giving your body a rest at times from constantly eating meat and also doing my small bit for the environment.”

James Haskell is working with The Unbelievable ALT., the no compromise meat free alternative for meat lovers that tastes and bites just like real meat. With its versatility and reduced impact on the environment, it is the perfect solution for those wanting to cut down on their meat intake. For more information on The Unbelievable ALT. visit www.theunbelievablealt.com or @unbelievablealt on Instagram.

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