James Argent leaves little to the imagination as he wears skin-tight wetsuit at inflatable water park

James ‘Arg’ Argent has been seen showing off his figure while having a blast at an inflatable water park.

The 32 year old, who recently reunited with his ex Gemma Collins three months after their split, took part in the fitness winter weather training exercise camp to help build his strength to prepare for the gruelling swim between Europe and Africa next year.

The former TOWIE star will have to endure cold temperatures and waters infested with sharks and jellyfish as he makes his way from Spain to Morocco.

James was photographed with a massive smile across his face and his arms thrown back in glee as he made his way down a waterslide in Essex.

The reality star left nothing to the imagination as he donned a skin-tight and very revealing black wetsuit for the outing alongside a pair of black ankle socks and a red lifejacket for protection.

Clearly having the time of his life, James could be seen launching himself down a water slide and coming out the bottom with the same smile on his face.

James couldn’t wipe the smile off his face as he trained for his ten mile swim next year.

The TOWIE star splashed into the water with his arms firmly placed above him.

James flew into the water several times throughout the water park.

Determined to master the swim, he braved the cold waters of Essex.

Although he had a smile while going down the slide, it quickly disappeared as he entered the water.

James was quick to try and escape the water.

James couldn’t seem to find his footing and appeared to mouth some inappropriate words.

James was later seen on several bouncy castles as he attempted to get strong for his challenge in 2021.

"It’s a mad thing to undergo, but Arg is at his best with a goal in mind," a source previously told The Sun.

The insider said of James: "He’s told mates he’s determined to stay fit and well after a good year of doing so, so he is undertaking this as a challenge to himself."

James was also seen flat on his face after falling while attempting to complete the obstacle course.

Arg’s previous swimming experience on Channel 4’s Sink or Swim will come in handy as he prepared to swim the English channel.

The insider added: "It’s a lot shorter crossing than the English channel swim, and in warmer waters, but it’ll be more difficult than a few lengths in an Essex leisure centre," the insider continued.

"He’ll have to train hard to finish it without being eaten by a shark or splatted by a ship."

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