How Love Island USA star overcame teenage heartbreak to find fame

One of the Love Island USA stars overcame teenage heartbreak and crippling anxiety to find fame on the reality show.

Elizabeth Weber is a 24-year-old advertising executive in New York City but her formative years were spent in a small town in Michigan.

While attending the state's university, Elizabeth was hit by tragedy when she was just 19 years old, when one of her friends passed away unexpectedly.

Elizabeth was close to Meghan Edmonds when she died suddenly on July 11, 2014.

The Love Island hopeful was "truly devastated" by the loss of her pal.

During a vigil held at Michigan University, Elizabeth was among a group of friends that lit sky lanterns in honour of Meghan, as they came to terms with their loss.

Tweeting a photo of the moment, Elizabeth wrote: "Rest in peace Megs," with a golden heart.

Within the following 12 months, Elizabeth then revealed that she was battling anxiety, as she worried about a flight that she had to take in 2015.

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Just before Christmas, she booked a last minute flight but revealed that she was 'out of anxiety meds' and was fearing the journey ahead.

Taking to Twitter , Elizabeth revealed at the time: "Last minute flight booked and out of refills for the anxiety meds. Should be fun."

Nowadays, she's a confident person and after ditching dating apps, has turned to Love Island USA in the hope of finding love in the villa.

She has attributed her outgoing personality to her 'big, crazy family', in which she has three sisters and more than 30 cousins.

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