How Dolly Parton's Longtime Style Staple Connects Her to 'Schitt's Creek'

Dolly Parton is a celebrity because of her high, sparkling voice and award-winning songs, but she’s retained the public eye with her over-the-top looks. Parton dons colorful, sequined outfits, bright eye makeup, and gravity-defying wigs whenever she’s out in public. Though she was wearing wigs long before Schitt’s Creek aired, the way she treats them connects her to the sitcom.

Dolly Parton’s sparkly looks always include a wig

Though Parton is a natural blonde, the sleek platinum color she’s known for takes work. When she first began wearing the shade, she used bleach to dye her hair. Frequent coloring damaged her natural locks.

“Having the bleach and all of that, it just broke off,” Parton said to Hallmark’s Home & Family.

She described her natural hair as very thin and difficult to style. Once she damaged it with bleach, she decided it would be easier to start wearing wigs.

“I thought, ‘Why am I going through all that? Why not just wear wigs?’” she explained. “That way I never have a bad hair day. I have a big hair day, but not a bad hair day.”

She said that she has names for her wigs

Because of Parton’s busy schedule, she has to keep enough wigs to fit every occasion. Though she keeps her hair dyed, she explained that she rarely steps out in public without a wig on. So, her collection is extensive.

“I’ve got better things to do than count them,” she told Interview Magazine. “But I wear one every day of the week, so probably 365.”

Like Parton, Moira Rose on the show Schitt’s Creek is a frequent wig-wearer. An interview with Vanity Fair revealed that their connection goes even further. Though Parton admitted she hadn’t seen the show, she revealed that she, like Moira, has names for her wigs.

“Yes, I do have names for a lot of my wigs, so I can identify them,” she explained. “If I say to the girl that does my hair, Cheryl Riddle, ‘I want a chunky monkey,’ there’s a certain type of curl that’s kind of chunky. If I want a ‘twist and spout’ — instead of twist and shout — she knows what that is.”

She added that Riddle is also able to duplicate the looks of Parton’s wigs from early in her career.

“I don’t physically have all those wigs from those early days, but I do have them in pictures with costumes that we do have in our archives,” she said. “And we can duplicate those wigs, if we need to. She knows how to do that.”

While both collections are impressive, it sounds like Parton may have Moira Rose beat in the wig department. 

Dolly Parton doesn’t wear her wigs around the house

Though she rarely steps out without a wig, Parton says she lets her natural hair out when she’s home with her husband.

“I don’t always wear them in my daily life, but I always still pouf up my hair,” she told Elle. “I still like to have that flashy hair. When I’m around home, I wear my little scrunchies, but I always put on some makeup and fix my own hair as cute as I can fix it.”

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