Gordon Ramsay branded out of touch for claims he was skint but had a Porsche

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Gordon Ramsay has sparked backlash online for claiming he was “skint” when he asked his wife’s father for a loan to buy a flat.

“We were young, we were stupid, we were skint,” he told Jake Humphrey on his High Performance podcast.

Ramsay claimed he and his wife Tara “fell in love” with a flat and asked to borrow £20,000 for a deposit.

“He said, ‘Here’s what I’ll do’,” he recalled. “‘I’ll have another lunch with you when you sell your Porsche’.

“I thought, ‘you f**ker’. But ‘you clever f**ker’. Here I am driving around in a flash f**king 911 and we didn’t even have a f**king house.

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“We didn’t have a flat, we didn’t have a roof over our heads. It was the best advice he ever gave me.”

The clip has been mocked and criticised on social media, with many X/Twitter users claiming he was “out of touch”.

@The_Paris_Angel posted: “I appreciate that there are bigger concerns in the world right now but, I cannot lie, that Gordon Ramsay/Jake Humphrey thing has f**king rattled me.

“So he’s going for a flat way beyond his budget, scavving off his missus’s Dad and then buys his old car back. F**k me. What a loser.”

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@ryheywood_ said: “When Gordon Ramsay was ‘young’, about 35 years ago (1988), there’s not a chance in hell somebody ‘skint’ would have £20,000 and a Porsche 911.

“For a fella who’s come from nothing, you’d think he wouldn’t be so out of touch.”

“The frustrating thing about the Gordon Ramsay stuff is that he clearly grafted really hard from being a teenager right throughout his 20s to get to his level,” another X user said.

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“He could’ve told all sorts of stories that people could relate to in terms of grafting but he landed on that. Out of touch.”

And another joked sarcastically: “Ohhhh THIS is why I’m living paycheck to paycheck.

“I never even CONSIDERED selling my Porsche or asking one of the many people in my life with $20,000 just lying around if I could have it!”

Humphrey and Ramsay’s full interview is available from today.

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