Funeral for Ukrainian Soldiers Killed in War Gets Emotional

A heart-wrenching, and far too common scene, in Ukraine … 2 soldiers killed while trying to fend off the Russians were laid to rest, and their friends and family could not hold back their emotions.

The funeral service for the soldiers — only identified as 44-year-old Victor and 25-year-old Ivan — commenced Tuesday. The servicemen were buried at the Lychakiv Cemetery, where loved ones gathered to say their final farewells and their grief is evident in these images.

Several mourners were down on their knees next to the gravesites … sobbing and wiping away tears as they laid flowers atop the caskets.

An estimated 2,000 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed in less than 2 weeks of war against the Russian invaders — and nearly 500 civilians are confirmed dead.

As Vladimir Putin has vowed to continue the assault until Russia captures all of Ukraine … the nation’s soldiers — and their families — are sadly gathering more and more to salute fallen heroes.

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