French Montana Wants to Be the Face of Immigration

French Montana is the ultimate immigrant success story and hopes to be an inspiration for others in this country … even when it seems the Prez is against them.

We got the “Jungle Rules” rapper out this week … he tells us he owes his livelihood to the U.S. — where he emigrated and became a U.S. citizen a year ago in June — and believes there are a lot of kids out there with the potential to follow in his footsteps.

Based on the video … that means getting to a point where you have a person to help untangle your bling.

The problem — French also believes there are a lot of Donald Trumps out there trying to crush the dreams of people from underprivileged countries … so he vows to do what he can to help them keep the faith.

As for how he plans to achieve this … it doesn’t seem like going the Kim Kardashian route and getting face time with POTUS is in the cards. The rapper says it’s more about continuing to give back to the less fortunate.

Montana’s mission is a noble one, but if he wants to be a beacon for immigrants … he should probably avoid more street scuffles. We broke the story … French was fuming after an alleged attack the morning after VMAs, especially at his own security.

Additional footage of the incident showed French as the aggressor, though. So far, he hasn’t been charged for his role in the altercation.

Still … not a good look for a guy trying to do good by immigrants.

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