Fetty Wap Alludes That He Isn’t Biological Father of Alexis Skyy’s Daughter

Further fueling the speculations, the ‘Trap Queen’ spitter doesn’t mention the ‘Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood’ star when he gives a shout-out to all his baby mamas on Instagram.

AceShowbiz -All this time, people are thinking that Fetty Wap and Alexis Skyy share a daughter, who is named Alaiya Grace, together. However, the rapper’s recent Instagram update seemingly saw him hinting that the 1-year-old baby wasn’t his biological child.

In a new Instagram Live broadcast, Fetty told his fans that he would always be there for Alaiya, although he didn’t have a “biological” obligation to her. “I’mma always love Lai Lai, I was there when she was born, I was there for her doctor’s appointments, me and her mother fell out but that ain’t got nothing to do with the baby,” said Fetty, who was born Willie Maxwell II.

The “Trap Queen” spitter went on saying, “When I feel like I want to be there, I’m going to be there. I’m gonna help. But as far as me going above my boundaries — nah. If it was biological with me, then it would be different.”

Later in the broadcast, Fetty gave a shout-out to his baby mothers but Alexis’ name was missing. The “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” star, meanwhile, ignored Fetty’s claims. The VH1 star wrote on Instagram Stories, “Out of respect for my new relationship I’m not going back and forth with anything the past.. be blessed.”

Alexis and Fetty started dating in November 2015 when it was said that he was still in relationship with Masika Kalysha. Regarding Alexis’ baby girl, it was previously rumored that she “lied” about the paternity of her child and her daughter was actually the child of her “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” co-star Solo Lucci.

Alexis vehemently denied the allegations, writing in a now-deleted post, “I have been humiliated, I have been disrespected, i have been harassed non f***ing stop about not knowing who my child’s father all because of Michael Dorsey AKA Solo Lucci continuing to spread this lie. I have been bullied nonstop, but TODAY this s**t ENDS.”

“I have never not known who my child’s father is,” she continued. “Ive been thru so much s**t because of this. I have been called every disgraceful, disrespectful, hurtful word in the book. & It’s a shame that I had to go out of my way JUST to prove this to society what I BEEN telling everyone.”

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